44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
31st National Táncház Festival & Fair – March 30 – April 1 • 2012

Dear Hungarian Folkdancers and Musicians all over the world!

Hungary’s National Táncház Festival 2012 is drawing near. An important event on last year’s program was „All-Hungarians Dance” („Minden magyarok tánca”) – for which Hungarian dancers arrived from all over the world and proved that upholding tradition knows no borders!

In 2011 one hundred people participated in this event. Simple choreographies of dances from Mezőség and Szatmár regions were danced on the large stage in the main arena at the Budapest Sport Arena. These were exciting and uplifting moments for audience and dancers alike.

We want to do this again in 2012! This year on Sunday April 1st at 13.30 during the National Dance House Festival (held March 30,31 and April 1 in Budapest ) All-Hungarians’ Dance will consist of two dance numbers to be performed again on the large stage. The performance will be about 20 minutes long and the material will be from the Dunántúl and Kalotaszeg regions.

The Kalotaszeg material will include legényes, csárdás and szapora. From Dunántúl, the dance will consist of kanásztánc, ugrós, lassú and friss csárdás. In the kanásztánc, the men may use stick, broom or bottle. The women may dance with bottles, etc...

Participants needn’t dance in all of the sections of the dance. They may choose to dance only in the sections they feel comfortable with.

This year we want to include musicians from outside Hungary’s borders in the accompanying band. We are planning the music with the Tükrös Band and will send the music to registered participants.

Anyone from outside Hungary’s borders who knows and practices Hungarian folk dance or music culture and who will be present at the National Táncház Festival may sign up.

Please note however that we are not prepared to accomodate entire dance ensembles. We have to limit the number of participants in order to be able to realize our plan. Of course several members from the same dance group may register.

We hope that there will be musicians who want to participate.

The organizers can offer 50% discount on Sunday April 1st entrance fee to those participants who register in advance for the All-Hungarians Dance.

Financing and economic difficulties prevent us from offering more than this. We thank you for your support and understanding.

Apply by e-mail to cimbi@iplus.hu.

Please provide your name, the name of your city (or town), country and the name of the group where you do Hungarian dance or play music.